Consumer and Customer Profiling, Segmentation and Campaign Management, Commerce Marketing, Loyalty and Advocacy, Marketing Analytics, and Lead Management. You name it, we deliver.

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Dynamic customer profiling

Create dynamic customer profiles using information from online sources such as browsing history and social media data, and from offline sources such as in-store purchase data and customer service calls. Gain real-time insights into customers’ motivations and intentions from their implicit behavior.

Segmentation and campaign management

Take advantage of high-performance segmentation tools and react to the customer’s context in real-time, making sure your communications are always accurately targeted and relevant.

Commerce marketing

Lead your customers from browsing to buying, understanding their needs and offering them a personalized shopping experience.

Loyalty managment

Turn customers into loyal advocates by rewarding them every time they engage with your business, from making a purchase to writing a review. Gain deeper customer insights from their continued interaction with your brands.

Marketing resource management

Effectively manage all your marketing activities to make sure they’re on track, on budget and working towards your business objectives.

Marketing Analytics

Optimize your marketing campaigns with real-time insights of their performance. Gain the knowledge you need to seize new opportunities.