We build flexible and scalable solutions based on leading ecommerce platforms

[hybris, Weblinc, Oro Commerce and Magento]

Additional functions

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Business to customer Commerce

Strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales with consistent, personal experiences for your customers. Commerce for B2C gives customers what they want, when they want it, every time they interact with your business – online or in the real world. With every interaction you can gain further customer insights, so when they come back you’re ready to deliver another great experience.

Business to business Commerce

Create an omni-channel B2B experience to rival the best consumer sites. Commerce for B2B can give your customers the freedom to save repeat purchases and buy in bulk while providing self-service and account management for buyers.

Product content and catalog management

Consolidate product content and control information about your products across all channels. Wherever they are in their journey, give your customers rich, engaging content including video, images and editorial content that really shows off your products – including those syndicated from multiple suppliers.

Omni-Channel fulfillment

One system takes care of your customers’ orders across all channels. They get a fast, secure experience that allows them to choose between collection or delivery and benefit from fuss-free returns. You get to see all the order information in one place and have precise control over your stock.

Creating contextual experiences

Get customers engaged with your products by creating a one-to-one experience that’s relevant every time. Manage site layout and content across all channels and create highly personalized experiences matched to historical data and current behavior, so customers get the best experience and the products they want.

Contextual Merchandising

Make your merchandising as good as the products you sell and turn visitors into buyers. React to what customers want and fine tune your merchandising strategies using real time business metrics.