Implemented SAP CRM Customer Interaction Center in order to streamline Molinos 0800 (Customer Service) processes.

Molinos Río de la Plata is Argentina's largest branded food products company. The company is a large exporter of sunflower processed oil and is one of Argentina's main exporters of bottled oil. Molinos also produces a wide range of packaged foods for domestic consumption, including bottled oil, margarine, pasta, pre-mixes, packaged flours, yerba mate, rice, cold cuts, and frozen foods.

SAP CRM Interaction Center helps Molinos run the end to end Customer Service process. Customer places a complaint, products are picked at customer site for internal quality assurance process, products are replaced, products evaluated and the customer gets a final response on the initial issue.

Main Features_

Provide customers end to end customer service support for product complaints.

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